How To Win With SMART Marketing Goals

Posted by Stewart Bennett on 18-Jan-2017 13:08:36

When planning your next big thing it is not only important to market it well but also that you plan and set up some clear goals. You may know what success looks like but do you know how to get there, when you will get there and even if you really need to get there?

It's all very well having a goal in mind to keep you on track but do you have yours structured in a way that makes it concrete and grounded in reality.  Perhaps it's time you need to sit down and set SMART Marketing Goals.

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Growing Your Business With Marketing Automation

Posted by Chris Roche on 05-Jul-2016 10:20:00

Ask any business owner about their overall company goals and, in one capacity or another, growth will feature heavily in most people's answer. Similarly, ask them about the major roadblocks to them achieving their desired growth, and limitation of resources, whether from a time, cash or workforce perspective, will again be a prominent issue.  Marketing automation can help overcome each of these roadblocks and help your business reach new levels without the need for a significant increase in budget.  

What Is Marketing Automation?

From a top level point of view, marketing automation involves the use of software to streamline elements of your marketing campaigns. Whether through standalone offerings, such as Buffer and Hootsuite for social media or Mailchimp and Constant Contact for email marketing, or through full marketing automation platforms such as HubSpot and Pardot, the overall aim is to make your marketing more efficient by reducing the resources needed for certain tasks by creating an automated schedule.

That series of emails you receive after signing up for a service, those adverts from the site you've just visited stalking your every move, the social media account pumping out great content that you love, they are all aboard the marketing train pulling out from the automation station.

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