Wednesday 22nd March 2017 marked the day of the inaugural Liverpool HubSpot User Group (HUG). As HubSpot Silver Partners, we at Instinctive Digital were super excited to get this first meet-up for HubSpot Users and Inbound Marketers off the ground, and we did this with great success!

We want the Liverpool HUG to be the place for savvy marketers to come together and skill share on topics that they know for a fact are helping businesses grow, regardless of their knowledge of HubSpot.

Here is the full slide deck of last nights presentations...

The first of our 3 great speakers then took to the stage. Brendon Macdonald joined us from Yello Veedub telling us what makes a "Successful Inbound Campaign". Brendon focused on the importance of setting your goals, not just for marketing but also for your business. If you don't know what these important goals are then you'll suddenly start to question why you're doing certain Inbound Marketing tactics in the first place.

Need to set your own goals? Download our SMART Goals template here!

Brendon then went onto discussing his own take on making Inbound Marketing simple to begin with, by starting small and building on this over time.

After Brendon gave us a whistle stop tour on his Inbound Strategy, Mark Russell from bmicro gave us his "Tactical Approach to Attracting Strangers on Social Media". The massively knowledgeable Mark fired us some of the best social media insights I've heard in a long time. Mark did not just tell us the importance of social media, but more the importance of tying up social media with the rest of your Inbound Marketing. He honed in on the importance of understanding your audience, where to find your audience online and what content you should be sharing with your audience. To help with all of this Mark gave us some fantastic tool tips, all of which can be found within the SlideShare above.

Once we broke for another slice of pizza, Robbie McFarlane kindly flew in from HubSpot to show us what's needed to "Turn your website into a converting machine". Full of some eye opening statistics, Robbie stressed the importance of nailing the conversion path on your website ensuring it ties up any loose ends turning every web visitor into an opportunity. One clear message Robbie had was that even the smallest of changes to your website can make a massive difference to the bottom line of any business.

The first Liverpool HUG was jam-packed with useful content to take your Inbound Marketing to the next level. But the slides don't tell the full story. You need to hear it to believe it. So don't miss our next HUG meet-up...

Liverpool HubSpot User Group 

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